Why Deontay Wilder must be careful with his comments

On Saturday night, Deontay Wilder once again provided critics with room for doubt putting on what was another stunning performance.

The American laid out challenger Dominic Breazeale inside the first round to once again retain his WBC World Heavyweight title. A fine display inside the ring but his behaviour outside the ring may certainly bring cause for concern.

Not for the first time, Wilder made comments prior to an upcoming fight. As everyone will know, trash talk can be a major factor in selling a fight to the public or even just to enhance a fighter’s reputation. Although, the manner in which Wilder choose to approach the trash talk in the build up to his title defence, could be considered highly distasteful and disgusting to say the least.

Wilder has been slammed for his comments which suggested intent to murder his opponent in the ring. He currently has an impressive record including an emphatic return of 40 knockout victories in just 42 bouts.
Speaking last week though heading into his clash with Breazeale, he said via the Daily Mail: “This is the only sport in the world where you can kill a man and get paid for it… so why not?”

Safe to say that the comments did not go down to well with anyone really. As a man who is usually outspoken on his beliefs and intentions to help the world, it really was strange to see him making such ridiculous statements. Foolish you could call it.

It is important for the 33-year-old to remember the fortunate situation he finds himself in as an athlete at the top of his profession. Admittingly, people make mistakes and say things that aren’t always meant at the time in the heat of the moment, it’s human nature. However, comments like that are just plain and simply horrific. Boxing is a very dangerous sport and there have been numerous occasions where competitors have found themselves in life threatening conditions, Nick Blackwell immediately springs to mind. People can accept that there is risks as with anything but when it boils down to suggestions of intent it really is worrying.

What’s vital to realise is that Breazeale has family who will have been attending the fight, watching the fight and following his progress. They will most definitely have wanted to see their man return home safely to fight another day, literally.

Another thing to acknowledge, is the status that Wilder has within the media. His comments can be accessed by vast quantities of people not just in America but worldwide. Those type of statements are not ideal from a man who is considered a role model for younger people to look up to.

The fight has subsequently been concluded and it was another big win for Wilder who saw off a man his bitter rival Anthony Joshua took seven rounds to get past, within just one. The hype for that clash will almost definitely be restored now. Thankfully both Wilder and Breazeale left the Barclays Center in good health and it actually appeared as if the World Champion may have regretted his prior thoughts. The two fighters shared an embrace at the end of the fight, with Wilder wishing his opponent well in the end.

James Miller

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