Why the PFA have caused much controversy in their annual awards for player and young player of the year.

In the most exciting title race for years, it is no surprise who was nominated for both the Young Player and the Player of the year awards.

The nominees for player of the year were littered with footballers from the top 2 clubs in the league, Man City and Liverpool.

Two Man City players and two Liverpool players were nominated for player of the year and rightly so.

Both sides have been incredible and to think that if both sides shall win their remaining two Premier League games, Liverpool would lose out on the league having 97 points, which is absolutely unheard of.

97 points would win you any league but the Premier League, it is an astonishing achievement by both City and Liverpool to get so many points and push each other to the final days of the season.

Now the awards.

Virgil Van Dijk won the PFA player of the year and it is hard to argue with although some do say that Raheem Sterling should have won it but instead he won the award for young player of the year.

It is my opinion that because Van Dijk won the player of the year Sterling had to win the other award, Sterling’s season so far of being top of the league, a Carabao cup winner, a massive figure in raising awareness of racism in the beautiful game and having 17 goals and 10 assists just in the league is enough to win you the award.

I also believe that Virgil Van Dijk has to win some award this season, because I’m not sure who would have won the young award if it wasn’t for Sterling.

Furthermore, the PFA need to change their rules for who can win the young award, Raheem Sterling 24 years old.

I understand that Sterling was 23 and under like the rules state but it should be 21 years old, because Sterling has been playing in the top flight since the 2011/12 season and obviously as stated earlier, he is 24.

In my opinion also if you’re not nominated for the team of the season, why would you be nominated for the player of the year award, it makes very little sense.

Eden Hazard, who somehow missed out on the team of the season was nominated for player of the season, and only missed out on being in the team is because the formation chosen was a 4-3-3, this is the only logical reason I have found for why Hazard isn’t in the team.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka is the man I feel most sorry for out of this, not even nominated for Young Player of the Year and not even in the team of the season.

People might play his season down because he plays for Crystal Palace but for me that makes his season even more impressive, he has been a nuisance for wingers up and down the country this season and his missed out just like Eden Hazard.

My awards, and you are welcome to comment and debate:

– Young player: Wan Bissaka.
– Player: Sterling.

Finley White.

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