Why Giannis Antetokounmpo Deserves To Win The MVP Award

The MVP or Most Valuable Player is the prestigious award coveted by every individual
player in the NBA. The NBA regular season comes to a close this week with the play-offs due to start on April 13 th . Who deserves to win the accolade this season?
The top two contenders to win the MVP aware are last year’s winner James Harden of the Houston Rockets and Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks. ‘The Beard’ vs ‘The Greek Freak’. Giannis would and should become the 4th non-American to win the MVP award, something that is a rare occurance.
The only other winners of the award from outside of the states are: Nigerian Hakeem
Olajuwon in ’94, Canadian Steve Nash with back to back wins in ’05 and ’06 and German
Dirk Nowitzki in ’07.
The Greek Freak stands at almost 7-foot-tall and is rightly regarded as one of the brightest talents in the NBA. He has led his club, the Milwaukee Bucks, who sit top of the Eastern Conference. The Bucks have a record of 60-21, and without Giannis it is unlikely that they
would like the pack in the East.
He is averaging 27 points a game, a consistent scorer who on average stars for just over 2
quarters of a game. Giannis has also hit the 50-point mark in one match, which is arguably his most accomplished performance of the regular season. The 52 points he did notch came in a high-scoring 130-125 home loss to Philadelphia.
The closest competitor to Giannis is Houston Rocket’s James Harden, who has had another fantastic campaign. Harden’s ability to score individually is unparalleled in the NBA and he has led the Rockets to third in the Western Conference.
Bucks’ No.34 is 7 th in the overall points scorers in the NBA across both divisions (1,994) but has the third best points per game stats in the NBA, only Paul George and James Harden are above him in this table.
Another impressive stat for the athlete from Athens is he sits 20 th in assists in the regular season. The Milwaukee side have improved massively since the last campaign, finishing 7 th in the Eastern conference with a record off 44-38, they have considerably improved in this campaign winning the East with ease.
Ex-Bucks player Michael Redd said after watching Giannis, “I’ve never seen anybody like him … The numbers he’s getting right now are almost on accident. Once he learns how to play — unstoppable. It’s almost like he’s from another planet.”
Bucks’ first NBA all-star since Redd in 2004 is Giannis, who also captained the all-star side this season. Giannis is respected by fans and his peers with many praising his incredibly humble attitude towards basketball and his life. The man from humble beginnings on the
streets of Greece, Giannis Antetokounmpo deserves to win the MVP award.

His overall statistics, the all-star captaincy and guiding his side to the top of the Eastern
conference all contribute to the case for Giannis. Who will be crowned NBA MVP for the
2018-2019 season?

Finley White

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