Why Wrestlemania 35 was historic

Every so often in sport there becomes a moment when the opportunity to create history is available. Wrestling this year presented that opportunity to female athletes, Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte flair.

For the first time ever, it was announced that the headline fight on Wrestling’s biggest stage would be an all women title match. After weeks of bad blood, it was finally time for the three biggest names in the WWE’s women’s division to collide in a mammoth clash for the prize of both titles.

Heading into the fight, former UFC fighter, Rousey was the Raw Women’s Champion, while Flair was the Smackdown Women’s Champion. Add to the mix the feisty talent that is Lynch and all you can naturally expect is fireworks.

With a full line-up good enough to make your mouth water the annual event that is Wrestlemania certainly didn’t disappoint. It promised everything, the return of the ‘Game’ Triple H and the ‘Animal’ Batista, along with a farewell party for Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle and much more.

In a sport that requires a lot of risk and dedication, incredible athletes of the highest order continue to put their bodies through the mill for the entertainment of the fans worldwide and Sunday morning was no different.

In total the night provided the WWE universe with six new champions in Becky Lynch (Women’s champion), Fin Balor (Intercontinental champion), The IIconics (Women’s tag team championship), Kofi (World Champion) and Seth Rollins ((Universal champion).

All in all, there was plenty of excitement as the WWE looks at what could be a new era. Kofi Kingston won his first world title in 11 years, much to his and the fans joy. After being goaded and described by his opponent Daniel Bryan as a ‘B+ player’ Kingston stepped up to the task on what was by far the biggest night of his career to date. He was actually granted the opportunity through the sheer will of his closest friends and wrestling partners, Big E and Xavier Woods. Together the trio form the ‘New Day’. Big E and Woods were told they had to win a tag team gauntlet match. They were successful in doing so.

However, as much as it was pleasing to see Kingston seize his chance and Batista return to roll back the years against Triple H, the night belonged to the women, Rousey, Lynch and Flair. Just being able to showcase the talent that they have on the mainstage was phenomenal for them I’m sure but the fact they set the tone for the women’s division will probably be more important. It shows a real shift in times, these three women showed themselves to be equal, they emphasised the fact that if you work hard you can achieve dreams and goals. It may not have been the most entertaining fight on the night but at the end of the night, a woman held her head high as the main talk for wrestling.

The woman in question, was actually Becky Lynch. She managed to secure both women’s titles after a hard-fought victory. She was crowned champion after gaining a pinfall over Ronda Rousey.

By James Miller

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