Why you would be forgiven for thinking Hamilton is the best ever

Lewis Hamilton won the Bahrain Grand Prix after Charles Leclerc’s car lost power late in the race allowing the Englishman and Valtteri Bottas to overtake him meaning Hamilton took first and Bottas in second.

Despite winning due to another driver’s unfortunate car error it is still another Grand Prix victory for Hamilton and some people are now calling for him to be called the greatest of all time, but is this warranted?

Hamilton started racing in Formula 1 in 2007 as a rookie and was instantly put in the shadows when he was partnered with double World Champion, Fernando Alonso but he didn’t even wait until after his debut to move himself out of the shadow.

On his debut at the Australian Grand Prix he finished third, being the 13th driver to finish on the podium on their debut.

The next two rounds he finished second at Bahrain and Barcelona to take the lead in the Drivers’ Championship, making him the youngest driver ever to lead the World Championship.

Hamilton took his first pole position and first victory of his Formula One career in the Canadian Grand Prix and only one week later he won the United States Grand Prix, becoming the first Briton to do so since John Watson in 1983.

With more podium finishes through his first year it went quickly downhill as rumours started that he was unhappy when he finished second in Monaco and Hamilton had suggested in a post-race interview that McClaren were forcing him into a supporting role.

The rumours got stronger and stronger which led onto new rumours of team changes when Ferrari were supposedly making a move for the young trail blazer, which never materialised and he didn’t move until a controversial jump to Mercedes.

Fast forward to when Hamilton turned 30 and he was a quadruple world champion after success in 2008, 2014, 2015 and 2017 and he was also driving the sports fastest car.

Since his start in 2007 he has been in 231 races, with being on the podium for 136 of them, 74 victories and a breath-taking five driver titles.

What makes him stand out?

Lewis Hamilton is now the most successful British Formula One driver there has ever been and is on a very short list of drivers that have won five or more driver titles.

He has pulled up with Juan Manuel Fango on five driver titles and trying to catch up with the great Michael Schumacher who finished on seven and with some drivers retiring as late as 55 years old then Hamilton has plenty of time to take over Schumacher.

Hamilton will have his eyes on the Chinese Grand Prix which starts on April 14th on their Shanghai International Circuit.

Do you think he will become the most successful Formula One driver ever?

Liam Amos


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