Why the British Light-heavyweight title is just the beginning for Buatsi

On Saturday night, Ghanaian born Joshua Buatsi took full advantage of an opportunity to win his first major title. He claimed a knock-out victory over Liam Country, in the third round.

Still at what is considered relatively young in Boxing terms, at the ripe age of just 26-years-old, Buatsi went into his title shown down with a clean record of 9-0.

Prior to the fight with Conroy, he spoke with Skysports, stating: “Have I got anything to lose? I don’t. I came to this country with nothing and I’ve achieved more than I ever thought I’d achieve. For me, there’s nothing to lose.”

As seen previously with some of his past bouts, Buatsi wastes no time in getting at his opponents and against Conroy it was no different. Dominant from the off, the man from Croydon, London, targeted the body of his opponent in the second round before ending the fight convincingly in the third.

Conroy came out at the start of the third with a valiant attempt to challenge his man but in all truth, it just spurred Buatsi on further. After having a shot countered, Conroy’s legs became uneasy and the chance to pounce was not one Buatsi was going to let slip. Soon the Cumbrian Boxer was on the floor and the finish was in sight for Buatsi. A brave effort from Conroy was quickly nipped in the bud as Buatsi landed a big right that left sent his opponent to the canvas laid face down momentarily. That was it. Another knock-out. Another win. 10-0.

Who is Joshua Buatsi?

In 2009, a young Buatsi decided to take up the sport of Boxing. He soon found himself competing as a 2016 Olympian. Quick and powerful, he stands at 6ft2 inches tall and classifies as a light heavyweight fighter. Off the back of claiming a Bronze medal in Rio the Olympics, 2017 saw the professional debut of the Croydon born fighter.

Speaking in an interview with Size regarding his inspiration to be a boxer, he said:

“One day on the estate where I grew up we were outside playing football — then my best friend turned up with a set of gloves. We all sparred each other and I thought, you know what, this is something totally different from football, different from basketball, different from athletics. I wanted to give it a go properly.”

A deadly finisher

Since making his professional debut against Carlos Mena, July 1st 2017, Buatsi has went on to claim nine other victories, including his most recent against Conroy.

Of the ten fights, he has stopped an impressive eight opponents and has often proved himself too much to handle. An impressive debut ended in the second round and a new British star was born. Buatsi finished 2017 with a further two wins under his belt. Just two months on from his debut delight, he was back to claim a round five technical knock-out against Baptiste Castegnaro. The year was then rounded off with a points victory over Saidou Sall.

It was 2018, that proved to be a great platform for Buatsi to showcase his natural ability in the ring. A further six fights presented themselves to the upcoming talent and it was a further six wins notched. The 26-year-old has faced just 32 rounds so far in his professional career to date.

An orthodox boxer, who is steady on his feet and possesses devasting speed. Buatsi is known as a technician. With what looks to be a bright future inside the ring, he also shows himself as a calm, composed character.

Humble to the core, amid celebrations of his title triumph, Buatsi still took time to issue a message of congratulations to Conroy. He said: “I want to congratulate Conroy.
“You get hit a bit but get them back. Still a long way to go.”

High praise

Buatsi hasn’t just caught the attention of us here at The Why in Sport but plenty of Boxing followers and experts in the industry. None more so than the man everyone wants to hear from in the sport, Anthony Joshua. The British Heavyweight claimed Buatsi is a “World Champion of the future.”

How successful do you think Joshua Buatsi could become?

By James Miller

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