Why Santi Cazorla could have completely stopped playing football

There are very few players in the world that fans of every team just can’t help but like and Santi Cazorla is one of them. He has been admired by many for his style of play whilst at Arsenal and all whilst playing with a smile on his face.

The world smiled with him when they saw him return to football as a substitute for Villareal only days ago.

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Cazorla got a serious injury while playing for Spain against Chile in 2013. This was his first injury on his right ankle that caused a bone fissure but he didn’t know at the time how much more pain he was yet to go through.

Despite the ongoing pain his ankle was causing him he continued to play for Spain and Arsenal. This ended up making the fissure worse and worse and eventually he was told he needed surgery on his ankle.

After one of the eight surgeries he had to go through the problems developed further. The stitches were taken out and the wound opened again causing his ankle to get infected and turn gangrenous, which ended up eating through eight centimetres of his Achilles tendon.

Doctors warned Cazorla that he may end up having his foot amputated and also would be lucky to walk with his son in the garden, let alone perform in the Premier League again.

Doctors then decided that Cazorla would need a skin graft on his ankle once they had managed to clear the infection. The only skin they could use for it was from his arm where he had a tattoo of his daughters name.

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Cazorla’s determination to play again is inspirational and nothing short of amazing. His return to football this week is a miracle and a lot of people in the game will be happy to see him return after all he has been through.

By Liam Amos



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