Why are Hashtag United good for Non League football?

After a simple idea from Youtube content creator Spencer Owen (SpencerFC), Hashtag United have taken amateur football by storm. Despite uploading their first organised football match March 2016, this idea has been in the works for many years. Within two years of creation, Hashtag United have played at Wembley twice, toured America and have even played a country!
Having built a large, loyal following, many probed the question; “What would happen if Hashtag played against professional sides?” Well that possibility may just be a reality in a few years with Hashtag United entering the Non-League ladder. Hashtag United are one of 11 new teams joining the football pyramid for the 2018/19 season and will play their games in the Thurlow Nunn League, levels 9 and 10 of the English football league system.
How did Hashtag join the Non-League ladder?
Spencer published a video explaining the rules and regulations that the FA implemented for teams wishing to join the national league at any level. He stressed that there are many requirements to join such as stadium security and capacity that have to be met for a match day to function.
Hashtag have already decided that they will play their home matches at Coles Park 2,500 capacity Stadium. As many are aware, running a football club isn’t a cheap job. In an interview with the BBC, Commercial Director of Hashtag, Seb Carmichael-Brown expressed that “while Hashtag are lucky to attract big-name sponsors, the costs of running a non-league, semi-professional club means a big investment for the company and for creator Owen”. In a recent Youtube video, Spencer already addressed the costs of creating Hashtag United content, claiming that each game costs around £1,000 to produce.
Why Non-League?
After Spencer started his Youtube career covering Non-League club East Sussex, he has ever since developed a passion for it. Spencer also highlighted the little amount of coverage that the Thurlow Nunn League and other Non-League divisions receive and hopes to give a platform for Non-League through his Youtube content. With every match being reported on and filmed through their Youtube channel, each opponent will have an opportunity to broaden their following through free coverage.
Spencer was also keen to note that this is a long term project and with the potential of Non-League football, they hope to keep the club sustainable for the distant future. In a recent Youtube Video, Spencer stated “I would much rather you be telling me that Hashtag United still exists as a non league football in 20 years, rather than getting to the Football League Two in 5 years and then getting under (liquidate) because we got ideas above our station, spent too much money and therefore seized to exist”.
Judging on these comments, it is clear to see that Spencer is serious about this project with Hashtag United and hopes to grow to his brand while progressing Non-league through his platform.
Written By Matthew Butterworth

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