Why the World Cup is the best tournament in football

There are a variety of different tournaments in football that bring a lot of enjoyment to fans around the world. Although, it would be hard to find a tournament that has an impact similar to the World Cup.

People will continuously argue the passion that is in club football due to the merge of talents from nations worldwide. That is something that is taken out of the equation with the World Cup, an international tournament.

The honour of representing your national country can’t really questioned. Players want the opportunity to do that.

Think of it realistically, at what other tournament would you see a former film director keeping Lionel Messi at bay from the penalty spot?

It truly is a magical event that brings people all around the world together. For months leading up to proceedings preparation begins, advertisements, merchandise sold, songs made it all is done ready.

Although, this tends to be a tournament that generally the favourites do reach the latter stages without too much upset. There have been occasions when shocks have caused surprise and also devastation.

All you would have to do is look back to the 2014 for an example of both. Costa Rica stunned the world as the relatively unknown quantity pulled off a major surprise in topping a group consisting of Uruguay, England and Italy. Before a ball had been kicked that was most definitely not the expectation but that’s why we love football and love the World Cup!

In the same year, at the same tournament, in the same country of Brazil, we were provided with scenes of utter devastation. On their route to 2014 success, the Germans had to go through Brazil. A task which on paper could have caused complications but that was certainly not the case in the match. The Brazilians were ruthlessly dispatched on home soil, a game that subsequently brought a lot of upset and inquests.

The mixed emotions that this tournament brings would be so hard to find in any other sporting event. Hosted in a new country ever four years, the enormous impact the tournament has on unite people around the world shouldn’t be underestimated. It unifies a whole population of fans for a month to celebrate and enjoy the entertainment.

In this year’s tournament so far, we’ve seen controversy with VAR, some stunning individual performance, drama and much more. When you consider the fact that it only begun on Thursday, it is something to lick your lips at the fact there is still just under a month left of cracking action to look forward to.

By James Miller

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