Why Roger Federer is a great role model for young sportspeople

Firstly, the term role model is used to describe someone a person looks up to or aspires to be. It can be anyone from someone in your family, a singer, an actor or a professional sportsperson.

But why is Roger Federer such a good role model for future sports stars?

Federer has just won his 98th tour title by beating Milos Raonic, at the age of 36, at the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart.

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Federer first got the attention of world tennis when he won the ITF World Junior Champion in 1998.

By 2004 he was a big name in tennis when he won the ITF World Championship as well as many sportsman of the year awards.

Federer went from strength to strength winning many more titles and championships. He still holds the record for most weeks at number 1 in the world, 309 weeks.

He has the record for the oldest man to win a Grand Slam title since Ken Rosewell in 1972.

Federer was the first man to win three slams in a calendar year, not only once but did this three times.

Wimbledon is one of the big tournaments in tennis and Federer proved his brilliance on the hallowed turf by winning five consecutive Wimbledon and going on to win eight in total. He is now known as the greatest grass court player ever.

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Federer also dominates on the American hard court with also winning five consecutive US Open titles between 2004-2008.

For Federer to be at the top of sport for so long and to still be considered one of the best at his trade at the age of 36 then he is a great role model for young tennis players and sportspeople in all sports.

Who is your sporting role model?

By Liam Amos

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