Why did David Haye lose to Tony Bellew?

Having only lost three of his thirty-one career fights, David Haye lost to Tony Bellew again on Saturday, but what lead to his defeat?

Both Bellew and Haye are of a similar stature and age, but their method in the ring differs significantly.

At 37, Haye isn’t necessarily a spring chicken but on Saturday looked to be in the shape of his life and ready to avenge the defeat inflicted by Bellew not to long ago when Haye got injured in the ring.

Bellew comes off the back of that victory against Haye at Goodison Park and looked to be full of confidence.

The fight got to an exciting start with neither fighters holding back and Haye looked to be the better starter but as the first round wore on, it was clear that the London-born fighter couldn’t handle the Scouseman Bellew.

Despite being the underdog, Bellew’s energetic and fast movements meant Haye couldn’t cope, and after being knocked down in the fifth round Haye saw the referee bring an end to the match and crown the Scouser champion again.

Bellew just had to much for Haye to deal with and it meant for the second time in two months, Haye lost and it could mark the end for his career.


Jack Dawson

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