Why Steven Gerrard could be the perfect fit for Rangers

It’s been circulating in the national media that Steven Gerrard could be set to take-over as first team manager at Rangers, but why Gerrard and why could Rangers be the perfect first club to begin his managerial journey.


There is no doubt that Gerrard is a legend of the game and one of the best English players to grace the Premier League but stepping into management is a whole new game that can ruin a legacy.


Gerrard has however, got experience in management with the Liverpool youth side. Experience with youth is a desirable trait in a manager especially when the budget is tight like it is at Rangers, meaning Gerrard certainly ticks that box for the Rangers board.


Not only that, but Gerrard has worked with and been close to some of the best managers around. Capello with England, Klopp and Benitez at Liverpool mean that his tactical understanding of the game should be second to none.


As a pundit on BT Sport, the Liverpool legend has earned plaudits for his in-depth analysis and obvious passion for the sport which can certainly help him on the touchline in order to bond with the fans and players alike.


Rangers is a club laced with history, and after some turbulent times recently they’re looking to re-establish themselves as the best team in Scotland and rival Celtic at the top of the league.


With success at the very top of the game, Gerrard knows how to rival the top sides. Being part of the infamous Istanbul side of 2005, being an underdog comes as no surprise to Gerrard and he will certainly be up for the challenge of rivalling his former boss in Brendan Rodgers for the Scottish Premier League title next season (if he takes the job).


Jack Dawson

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