Why the Premier League has opted against VAR

It was today announced that whilst testing will still take place, the Video Assistant Referee system used in the F.A. Cup this season won’t be extended to the Premier League in the 2018/19 season. It has been revealed that the majority of Premier League clubs opted out of the technology, but why?

It’s safe to say that VAR hasn’t been the most successful introduction into modern day football, in fact it went down like a lead balloon and was ridiculed time and time again.

F.A. Cup tie at the John Smiths Stadium between Manchester United and Huddersfield, VAR was called into action when Juan Mata scored, a goal that after over two minutes of waiting was judged by VAR to be offside. When viewers at home were shown on television the image being seen in the headquarters at Heathrow by Neil Swarbrick, they were outraged. The lines were scribbled on the screen, were not straight and could definitely not be used to make a clear decision. Either the way a decision was made and Mata’s goal was not given.

At Chelsea in January, in a cup tie between Chelsea and Norwich saw Willian go down in the area and no penalty given. In London the man in the studio, Mike Jones, chose not to use VAR at all and allowed the referee to continue with the game. This meant that Conte was able to call in to question the decision making by the people running the VAR, and bringing more controversy around the topic.

Finally, the system doesn’t allow the game to flow. With a two and a half minute wait in the afore mentioned Manchester United game, and over a minute half being wasted in the Tottenham vs. Rochdale cup tie, it means football games lose there excitement with players just standing around for large portions of the game.

What are your thoughts, do you like VAR?


By Jack Dawson

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