Why Tough Mudder?

Get on one knee with one hand in the air and make the pledge to do the Tough Mudder.

When someone signs up for a marathon, half marathon or 10k they are challenging themselves on a personal level. Tough Mudder is an event that can’t be done on your own. Before you start take a look at the people around you as they will be the ones getting you through the course and you will be helping them. Your team and other participants are needed for this one.

The buzz in the Tough Mudder village is electric as people get group pictures before they start and others, covered from head to toe in mud, make their way to the shower with a smile after finishing.

The name of the event tells you what is involved, mud and a lot of it. Dropping into muddy water or army crawling through sticky mud means there is no way of staying clean.

Once you have got yourself really muddy then you will be given the task of climbing up a wall or two. You will need to help lift other people over these walls so sharing out the duties is recommended.

Crossing the line is a great feeling. The mud hardened on your body as the sweatband is put on your head and a bottle of cider is put in your hand. You reach out to take your t-shirt to show you have completed the challenge then take your first swig of cider.

Hugs and congratulations with your team is well deserved as you will feel the affects on your body, but it is worth it for the sense of achievement and fun on the day.

By Liam Amos

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